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Special guest star Austin Michael a country singer who is has an amazing voice

Special guest star Austin Michael a country singer who is has an amazing voice

Entertainment Watch - Austin Michaels  LIVE FROM OUR STUDIOS IN DALLAS TEXAS - Please join us live this Thursday at 6pmcst for our live/unscripted show: We discuss politics/events in the world like no other show you have heard. Caution there is no spin here just the truth as we know it. Your host John Hollywood & Amos Waranch Show Producer Maureen Vanterpool -  Show sponsor American Wealth Group U.S.A. GROUP GET READY AMERICA AND AROUND THE WORLD AS @AUSTIN MICHAEL IS  ready to take over the world he is the REAL DEAL  17 years old, Austin Michaels’ country music debut came when he first appeared on Season 17 American Idol roping Katy Perry on the back of Luke Bryan.  He learned a lot from being on that show, most importantly to work hard and believe in himself. The last year has been building on that knowledge, 2 viral videos, multiple performances with the likes of Randall King and Doug Stone, and hard at work with Split Window Studios writing songs for his debut self-titled album which is out now with 11 great tracks. With its pure country sound, Austin pours his heart out in songs like, “Feel It Too”, “Still Ain’t Over You”, “Love Song”, and “Hard to Say Goodbye”. The album isn’t short on more up-tempo songs that will fill dance floors, like “Merry Go Round”, “Honky Tonk Party”, and one personally dear to his heart “Thinks my Grandpa Said”, with a special feature with Grandpa Robinson. Austin is humbled about the enthusiasm has received from the release.

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