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Ep20: 2 Successful VBACs with Kim Gatling

Ep20: 2 Successful VBACs with Kim Gatling

Not one but TWO successful VBACs, infertility struggles, a surprise pregnancy, miscarriage, and more...all of that is packed into this episode of the All About Pregnancy & Birth podcast! My lifelong friend Kim Gatling joins me during this episode to share her birth stories of 2 successful VBACs, and there’s a little something for every pregnant woman in this one. Kim shares her experiences with having two successful VBACs after having a c-section with her first child. Her stories and experiences are something that any mama-to-be can relate to. And she also sprinkles in some awesome advice for professional women who have kids. If you still have questions after listening in to this episode, I would love for you to check out my website. There are so many resources for you there! You can access my website by clicking here. _______ LINKS MENTIONED IN THE EPISODE: Episode Show Notes: www.ncrcoaching.com/episode20 Learn More: www.ncrcoaching.com The Birth Preparation Course The All About Pregnancy and Birth Podcast Community Disclaimer   WHERE TO FIND KIM GATLING: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website

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