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AJ & McCall Show 11/20/19

AJ & McCall Show 11/20/19

AJ became an official Utahn and feels terrible. The Robin Hood of Chicken Nuggets has come to light but apparently we have our own fast food hero in McCall. Though most of McCall’s retail experiences were terrible but do some of the other weird stories beat hers? It’s Would You Rather Wednesday! Would you rather accidentally like a post on your ex’s Instagram from four years ago, or accidentally butt dial them? Could you change your oil if your life depended on it? A West High principal has been place on paid administrative leave after driving home students that were drunk. (It hasn’t officially been announced that the two are related) Was he wrong for the Debate At 8? If you sent 30 emails to a potential employer would you expect even a remote chance to get it? Was it a fart? #FartGate What fib could AJ & McCall get their sale’s staff to believe?

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