The Rebirth of AIB, now a Ciircles production

The Rebirth of AIB, now a Ciircles production

Show Notes [0:01:03] Episode Summary | Intro “We’re back! ...All things considered.” The Pandemic Pivot  From In-office to Running the Business Remotely Thanking (and coincidently) we chose this for ourselves pre-pandemic. Acquiring and Consolidating a WordPress Plugin [0:05:51] Why We Took a Year and a Half Off  Missing Podcast Voice ‘Where’s Rob?’ Adventures in Businessing’s (AIB) new direction and new purpose: Leadership, team building, and the Ciircles fulfillment theory.  [0:12:21] Breaking Down the Transition From In-office to Fully Distributed From operating out of one town, to having employees around the world.  In defense of colocated working...and why it wasn’t feasible for us anymore.  Growing Pains “We experienced a crash course on distributed working.” With AIB, we want to help other businesses make these sorts of transitions.  [0:17:22], the New Home of AIB What is Ciircles? Intentionally Misspelled  “Ciircles? Why two ‘i’s?” Subscribe to the newsletter! [0:21:53] Unpacking Fulfillment Theory Work Isn’t Linear Fulfillment is Driven by 3 Major Drivers of Motivation: Passion Progress Purpose “When these drivers are triggered, your team members are fulfilled, and we all want to be fulfilled.” [0:25:50] What’s Next? Summarizing what to expect from the next 3 episodes of AIB Why you should keep tuning in, whether you’re a business owner, leader, or team member.  Thank You! And Welcome Back!!

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