No Accounting for Taste ep92: VAT and food, HMRC service, and talent

No Accounting for Taste ep92: VAT and food, HMRC service, and talent

This week on No Accounting for Taste we find out why you should look beyond education in your recruitment process and review the stories making the headlines this week on AccountingWEB. Sarah Wynne, the founder of Wynne & Co, visits the virtual pod booth this week to tell the AccountingWEB team about the qualities she looks for in new recruits.  A self proclaimed educational underachiever, Wynne argues that people who understand people make better accountants than those that have gone through the university route.  Wynne’s recruitment ethos echoes the findings from AccountingWEB’s recent talent survey which discovered that while firms recognise technical skills, interpersonal skills and attitude are more sought after.  In addition to putting the spotlight on recruitment, Sarah joins host Richard Hattersley and PracticeWeb’s Mike Crook to review all the latest news from the world of accountancy.  The big stories this week include HMRC coming under fire for its poor service and the latest chapter in the long running VAT saga of confectionery or cake as supermarket Morrisons loses a £1m VAT case on snack bars.  If you want to read more on the stories discussed in this episode, visit

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