Minutewomen Swimmers

A Swim Down Memory Lane: A UMass Farewell to Bob

Cheers to Bob Newcomb's retirement!

Cheers to Bob Newcomb's retirement!

Episodes: 84


UMass Men’s Coach 1979-2020 - Russ Yarworth

Duration: 10 min

Bonus! Friend of Cece - Jonathan Freeman

Duration: 5 min

UMass Diving Coach 2002-2017 - Mandy Hixon

Duration: 10 min

Friend of Bob - Bill Tyler

Duration: 6 min

Class of 2009 - Kaitlin Gass

Duration: 9 min

Class of 1990 - Michele “Shelf” Leary

Duration: 14 min

Class of 1987 - Allison Uzzo De Bellis

Duration: 10 min

Class of 2021 - Mariam Labib

Duration: 11 min

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