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A Buddhist Podcast - The Reluctant Buddhist - Chapter 16

A Buddhist Podcast - The Reluctant Buddhist - Chapter 16

Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to another episode of A Buddhist Podcast. On tonights show we have the final chapter of the Reluctant Buddhist read by the author, the wonderful William Woollard. We also have news about his amazing new book, “Buddhism and the Science of Happiness” We read SGI President Ikeda’s New Year Message and of course the shoutouts!   We play three tracks tonight, Last of the Superheros by American Heartbeat, Wonderwall by Melissa Rebronja and Let it Rain by Laura Clapp. Thank you to the artists for making this available on the Podsafe Music Network. The Podsafe Music Network have made so much of the music on the show possible and we really are grateful to them.   If you would like to for us to give you a shout out on the show, click the link on the left hand side of our website "Shoutouts". If you have a great experience of practicing this Buddhism that you would be happy for us to read on the show, you can click the link for Experiences on the site!   Thank you to everyone for taking the time to listen to the show. Happy New Year!

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