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A Blerd's Intermission

Hey, I'm Joseph aka Rockstar Joe and this is

Hey, I'm Joseph aka Rockstar Joe and this is "A Blerd's Intermission" podcast. A place for the ratchet and righteousness. On this podcast you'll hear me and my guests discuss Music, Comics, Movies, Video games, Mental health, Real world problems with real world solutions, and so much more. All of this is done in an authentic manner that'll provoke some form of emotion. Subscribe, Spread our content, & Grow with us. ✌🏿❤️➕

Episodes: 100


Me, Myself, and & Love.

Duration: 38 min

The Marathon

Duration: 58 min

Happy Father's Day

Duration: 31 min

Why the Hate?

Duration: 39 min

What is Communication in 2022?

Duration: 42 min

Another One?

Duration: 26 min

A Blerd's Intermission.

Duration: 23 min

Until Next Time

Duration: 6 min

Mixed Bag

Duration: 38 min

Baby, you trippin!

Duration: 51 min

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