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David Cummings - 9th Story 408

David Cummings - 9th Story 408

David Cummings started the NoSleep Podcast out of a popular subreddit collection of horror stories. Since its first season 5 years ago, the audio drama podcast has worked it’s way up to the top of the iTunes charts and become a fixture of the horror community. With a highly produced show featuring top voice talent, great stories, custom scores for each episode, and eye-popping art, it shows no signs of slowing down. David managed to turn his passion into a full time job and now creates NoSleep for a living! Join Dan and Jeanette as they sit down with David for a chat about the challenges, rewards and fun of making something special and unique and the love of story. For full show notes please visit: http://podcast.9thstory.com/408/

Duration: 56 min

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