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Episode 68: Summer Recap 2019 pt. 1 - Jay Z, Rapsody, Burna Boy, Jidenna, Freddie Gibbs, Beyonce

Episode 68: Summer Recap 2019 pt. 1 - Jay Z, Rapsody, Burna Boy, Jidenna, Freddie Gibbs, Beyonce

The 80z Babies return with another summer recap where they discuss Jay-Z and the NFL, Lizzo and the VMAs, Beyonce and The Lion King, and much more. Details below: (1:29) A$AP Rocky Update A$AP Rocky was released from Swedish prison; his attorney was shot. (3:04) VMAs - Lizzo Yinka appreciates the internet for capturing highlights, allowing us to otherwise ignore silly award shows; Lizzo's music isn't for us be respect the artistry; candid responses to Azealia Banks twitter; discussion on Lizzo's status as a sex symbol; (13:35) VMAs - Missy Elliott Praise for her performance; middling reviews for her Iconology EP, with a preference for her to zig where others have zagged; (21:43) Lil Nas X - Record for Most Consecutive Weeks at No. 1 Outlaw uses this segment as an excuse to play the sample from Nine Inch Nails in the backdrop. (24:56) Jay Z's NFL Deal The deal is an odd one for Jay Z, but we concede there's probably some nuance we're not seeing; you can support Jay Z without being disrespectful to Colin Kaepernick; Outlaw has hated the NFL for awhile and thinks it's evil; each time Jay Z tries to rationalize the deal, he makes it sound worse; Yinka brilliantly dismantles the false narrative that we're past kneeling and that the protest was ineffectual; Yinka provides a challenge to the "seat at the table" narrative when it comes to systems that were not designed for black people. (37:49) Beyonce - The Lion King: The Gift Outlaw the Heartless is not a fan of the original Lion King movie; despite the diverse range of artists and regional sounds, the overall sound feels very Nigerian inspired; songs feature artists from regions that have nothing to do with the subject matter of the songs themselves; it feels like a #travelnoire album; do yourself a favor and explore the catalogs of all the featured artists. (44:31) Burna Boy - African Giant 'Ye' is still so big, you don't even hear hits from this record when out; 'salute me or shoot me' Yinka claims that Burna Boy will go down as one of the all-time musical greats; Burna Boy has the je ne said qoui. (50:08) Jidenna - 85 to Africa Outlaw's favorite album of the summer thus far; the musical growth is evident and the production is dope; Jidenna's "rebrand" has not gone unnoticed; we see you out here, brother. (53:36) Juls - Colour Juls is great at merging and re-contextualizing sounds from regions all over the world. (55:41) Rapsody - Eve Yinka apologizes to Rapsody for not previously checking for her, but both liked this album a lot; the musical direction and mixing is incredible; even tho Rapsody doesn't push the needle forward as a vocal talent, she manages to find her own voice on the record. (1:03:03) Little Brother - May the Lord Watch It's a good album, even Outlaw enjoyed it, but both agree it doesn't offer anything new that we haven't previously heard from this group. (1:06:49) Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Bandana 'Album of the Year' thus far according to Yinka, Outlaw wholeheartedly disagrees; while Madlib's production is excellent and Gibbs excels on Madlib beats, ultimately his lyrics are interchangeable between songs as each has the same 'I move weight' subject matter. (1:11:34) Chance the Rapper - The Big Day Outlaw, who does not like Chance but is only vaguely familiar with his prior work, found the album palatable; Yinka, who thinks Chance is one of the foremost talents of his generation and is a fan of Acid Rap and Coloring Book, found the album underwhelming. (1:16:41) Nas - The Lost Tapes 2 As always there is the good and the bad with Nas; he should embrace maturity and just make a throwback album for the old heads. (1:24:05) Big K.R.I.T. - K.R.I.T. Iz Here KRIT is a generational talent, but needs to take more chances.

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