Alexandra Salmon

Episode 23: Life Is a Gift: Series Finale

Episode 23: Life Is a Gift: Series Finale

When I set out to do this podcast, I wanted to find the answer to a question: What is it like to be facing the end? I wanted to hear the inspiring parts, the messy parts, and the mundane parts of living with a terminal illness. In this final episode, I reflect on what I’ve learned from these interviews and whether I’m any less afraid of death. Thank you again to the people I’ve interviewed. Your stories will live on. Music: “Promises” by Sergey Cheremisinov, “Touch of Ice” by Borrtex, “Desomorais” by Podington Bear, “Cedar Waxwing” by Chad Crouch, and “Perrenial” by Pictures of the Floating World

Duration: 33 min

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