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173: Adventuring with your Kids // Naomi Davis of Love Taza

173: Adventuring with your Kids // Naomi Davis of Love Taza

Naomi Davis started https://lovetaza.com/ (blogging) in 2007 when blogging was a fairly new thing. She used her site, Love Taza, to document her newlywed life in New York City, where she was finishing up a degree in dance at Julliard. Naomi had no idea when she began documenting the adventures of her daily life, that her following would grow to millions of people around the world who would continue to follow her life for over a decade, as she added not one, not two, but five children to their family. (A girl, two boys, and then a set of baby girl twins at the end!) Over the past few years, Naomi and I have struck up an online friendship, and I have been so impressed by her level-headed humility despite years of being in the spotlight. I am thrilled to get to interview her today about her https://lovetaza.com/book/ (new book), A Coat of Yellow Paint: Moving Through the Noise to Love the LIfe Your Life. Her book is available now for pre-order and will officially release the first week of April.  -3 Takeaways to get you Adventuring with Kids See your life as an adventure. Can you reframe the challenges of your life as possible adventures? Remember, heroes always face unexpected challenges and make mistakes along the way, and you will too. Cultivating an adventure mindset will help you to make the mundane magical and the mistakes meaningful. Get your armor ready. When you attempt adventuring with kids, expect it to be, well, an adventure. Arm yourself for the day with the supplies and tools you need to make it as smooth as possible, but the most important thing you need to bring along with you is a mantra–some truth that will remind you or your intention if things start to get crazy...“I can do hard things” or “Adventures are worth the struggle” or whatever resonates with you. As Naomi says, “Don’t leave home without your mantra.” And third and finally, remember “Every day instead of someday.” Instead of waiting for some hypothetical time in the future when our lives will be easier, we can choose to infuse a bit of adventure into our every day. That might mean making memories at home through playfulness and creativity, or it might mean getting brave and going for a bigger adventure that others say will be too hard or inconvenient. In my experience, as we choose to live a life we love every day, instead of waiting for someday, our motherhood will feel so much more meaningful and fulfilling. >>>Will you try any of these tips to start adventuring with kids? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below! -Links mentioned in this episode about  adventuring with kids- Naomi’s https://lovetaza.com/ (Blog) Naomi’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taza/?hl=en (@taza) Naomi’s Book: https://amzn.to/3uQR5ob (A Coat of Yellow Paint: Moving through the Noise to Love the Life You Live) Brooke Romney’s Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLma2QCBVg5/ (“I’m not making memories; I’m growing relationships.”) -Sponsors- HandLettered Design HandLettered Design, can teach you how to create this stunning hand lettering through their step-by-step workbooks and online workshops.  Whether or not you consider yourself to be naturally artsy, I know that HandLettered Design has a workbook that is perfect for your level, and you can get 10% off any of their products, including their best-selling Creative Lettering Bundle for beginners, with the code 3IN30.  http://handlettereddesign.com (Handlettereddesign.com) Code 3in30 BetterHelp BetterHelp, the world’s largest provider of therapy, done 100% online. If you feel you might need counseling but are hesitant, nervous, or embarassed to invest in yourself this way, let me assure you that going to counseling will be a gift to your entire family. As you get stronger, so will your family.  BetterHelp is so convenient for busy moms, and you can get 10% off your first month, by going to http://betterhelp.com/3in30...

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