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Seena Ghaznavi, Fraudster TikTok

Seena Ghaznavi, Fraudster TikTok

Description: Seena Ghaznavi (@seenanow) joins 2Old4TikTok this week! Dena and Seena met through a mutual friend and instantly bonded over their love of TikTok. As co-host of his own podcast, Fraudsters (@fraudsterslpn) on the Last Podcast Network (@lastpodnetwork), Seena shares his perspective on TikTok as a new medium and its impact on the world at large. With a background in both comedy and law, we pick his brain to discuss what kind of comedy works on TikTok and what constitutes fraud on the app. We talk about Cookie Kawaii (@cookieekawaii) not getting credit for her song “Vibe,” how Julia Keith’s (@julia_keith_) mocking of Trump’s dance was taken out of context, Oprah’s fake TikTok account, the feud between John Robert Bell (@jorobe) and Miss Kadie aka That Vegan Teacher (@thatveganteacher), and of course the ultimate TikTok fraud, Trisha Paytas (@trishlikefish88). We come out of the bleak side of TikTok and back into the light with Seena telling us some of his favorite creators: @apoliticalteen, @tooturnttony, @nardwuar, @youngyosa, @itsalanr, @nankles, and @thejonathanmoss. We wrap up with a lightning round asking Seena about his favorite fraudsters, the worst thing people have said to him about TikTok, and his advice for podcasters. Find TikTok videos from all the creators we mention on this episode on our blog (2Old4TikTok.com) and Instagram (@2old4tiktokpod). 

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