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2022 PGA Championship Betting Guide ft. Adam Walker

2022 PGA Championship Betting Guide ft. Adam Walker

Adam Walker returns to the show this time with his 2022 PGA Championship picks from Southern Hills in Tulsa, OK. He fills you in on his favourites, long-shots, in-betweeners, and everything else PGA Championship. Don't blame us if you take our picks and lose a bunch of money. He also breaks down the Canadians in the Championship. 18 Over Par with Mike & JR is proudly presented by Bryce Matlashewski who is an Investment Advisor with Endeavour Wealth Management, part of IA Private Wealth, and a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund. You can contact Bryce at 204-515-3446 or connect with him here HUGE thanks to DQ Northgate, DQ Polo Park in the food court, DQ St. Anne's Road, and DQ Niverville. Get them on Instagram @dqmanitoba https://eighteenoverpar.podbean.com/  Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and MySpace

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