Day 11 - (w. Dee Moore, Quan, Naomi, and Allyssa)

Day 11 - (w. Dee Moore, Quan, Naomi, and Allyssa)

This was another great episode. 80 catches up with clothing business owner Dee Moore and finds out what's going on in El Paso. He also catches up with Quan and his addressing his weekend's social media bashing due to him being out. We find out about being a parent of two during quarantine with Naomi. Last but not least, we learn about what it's like being a healthcare practicioner during these times with Allyssa. There's a lot to digest in this episode. Listen up!!!Follow us here:80 • @dre_da_prophet (IG)Dee Moore • @moore2liife • @nawfside_dyer • www.nawfsidevibez.comNaiomi • @n.a.o.mi • @vohnmbeach • https://www.financialeducationservices.com/default.aspx?rid=nrichelieuAllyssa • @allyssaenomisQuan • @mrgq_davis

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