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Accessibility Down Under

Accessibility Down Under

This week on 13 Letters – we take you to the land down under. Sarah Pulis and Andrew Arch are big names in a vibrant and thriving accessibility scene in Australia. Hailing from Sydney and Melbourne, respectively, the two live and breath accessibility at Intopia, a digital accessibility consultancy that Sarah co-founded. You may have seen Andrew and Sarah giving presentations at CSUN, at A11yBytes meetups frequented by Aussie accessibility enthusiasts, or on the web; they're known informally as the “dynamic duo” of all things WCAG. Ultimately, despite all the hats they wear, Sarah and Andrew consider themselves accessibility practitioners. This episode is a great opportunity to get down and dirty with a11y, also known as digital accessibility, and talk about how our favorite companies  (ahem.. Zencastr) can seize the opportunity to make their web presences accessible to everyone.

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