The Divine Feminine pt.II

The Divine Feminine pt.II

The Divine Feminine is soft but fierce when necessary, loving, and supportive. Divine feminine and divine masculine can't exist without the other, which means we all have both energies within us. •Contact: -Music: -Counseling: •Linktree- •Music Linktree - •Counseling - •Donations - •Music Lessons Website - •”NEW” - Merchandise Store - •Social Media: @agentk21podcast (IG); @agentk21 (Twitter) •YouTube Channel: •Introduction music: - Interlude by @Agentk21music (IG). 🗣 Send a voice messages - ***Recommendations*** •Divine Masculine - •The Divine Feminine - •Timelines - •Jumping Timelines - •Starseed playlist - •Oneness - • The Law of Hypnotic Rhythm - •The New Normal - •Just A Girl by No Doubt - •Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Flawless Speech - •United in Grief by Kendrick Lamar -

Duration: 55 min

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