Verified podcast analytics for advertisers and brands

Don't wonder if a podcast’s numbers and audience are real. Get directly measured and verified podcast analytics for all your campaigns without bots and fraud.

Verified Podcast Metrics for Podcast Advertisers

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Real time

Real-time and Historical Data

Find out what's happening now or in the past in summary or unrelenting detail.


Verified Metrics

Backtracks doesn't sell ads and we're not a podcast publisher. We don't have an incentive to inflate numbers, use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and handle fraudulent data, and give you numbers you and advertisers can trust.


Actionable Insights

Explore, detect, and predict trends in audience behavior like increasing or decreasing listnership with our advanced trending capabilities.

Who is Backtracks Podcast Analytics and Open Podcast Analytics (OPA) for?


Podcast publishers

Podcast creators and content publishers



Podcast advertisers and advertising networks

Listening apps

Listening Apps & Aggregators

Podcast aggregators, pod catchers, and discovery platforms like Apple Podcasts and Google Play


Get directly measured podcast analytics and audience data

Get directly measured and verified podcast analytics. Backtracks does not sell ads and we're not a podcast publisher. We're made to measure and our incentives are aligned to not inflate numbers. In fact, we detect and handle fraudulent data. We collect an extraordinary depth of audio and listener data. Get an unfair advantage with the ultimate in podcast analytics. Data can be a beautiful thing.

Open Podcast Analytics (OPA)

Open Podcast Analytics (OPA)

The open source podcast analytics standard

Backtracks' Podcast Analytics is built on open source standards for podcast and audio analytics. Open Podcast Analytics (OPA) aims to be the rising tide that lifts all boats when it comes to podcast analytics and it was started right here at Backtracks.

Multi channel


Get data across web, mobile, client, and server scenarios. Do you your partners use a particular website player, have an RSS feed for your podcast, your own servers, a custom mobile app? Don't worry, we've got you covered.


Data + Intelligence

Backtracks' intelligent podcast and audio analytics lets you search, slice, dice, and dig your way to a deeper understanding of your listeners and audio content.

Big data

Big data, small payloads

Send less and get more when it comes to metadata in Backtracks. Instead of sending large data payloads, Backtracks allows you to send a placeholder for data that we then fill in and expand without any impact to your systems or users. Imagine a real-time big data mail merge for your media and analytics.

Simple and powerful

Get verified audio analytics data for a podcast or podcast episode regardless of where it is consumed (e.g. apps, websites, players, etc.)

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Easy to install

You or your publisher partners can integrate Backtracks Podcast Analytics into a website, mobile app, or serverside in just a few lines of code. Get started with verified directly measured metrics in minutes.


Say goodbye to complicated integrations. Get analytics for podcast or audio data in minutes regardless of how or where it is delivered.


Minimize payloads and data transfer, bulk processes, add schema-driven or schema-less extended data attributes and more.

Integrate. Verify. Analyze. Optimize.

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